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The Expense of ‘Being Nice’ in the Workplace

Everybody loves nice people. Nice people won’t hurt you. Nice people will always help you. Nice people can even be the vehicle you use when you need to go further. Oh and everybody likes to be liked. Even before Facebook invented the ‘Like’ button and utilised this as psychological tool to deepen its users engagement. And it is so understandable …

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La Belleza de Barcelona

Before coming to this city, Barcelona in my mind was just one of European football capital. And ex-Olympic Games host. Never thought about its marvelous Gaudi architectural design, its hilly contour alongside beaches, and its Catalan culture blended in the red-yellow buildings. Three days and three nights in Barcelona were simply amazing. Lely and I …

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UK-Europe and the Job Market

It’s a common mistaken perception that graduates in developed countries are easier to get job. No, not at all. Finding a (proper) job has always been a struggle for majority of people, wherever we are. In developed countries, the case is probably even worse. Most of the industrial manufacturing plants have off-shored to far away countries as a result of …

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Tentang Cita-cita

Apa cita-citamu? Sampai di sini saya sadar, kuliah di luar negeri bukanlah cita-cita. Ia hanya sekedar alat untuk mencapai cita-cita yang lebih tinggi. Mau apa kamu setelah kuliah? Mau dipakai apa ilmu yang sudah jauh2 dikejar ke seberang benua? Itulah pertanyaan yang jauh lebih penting. Tiba2 saya teringat sebuah cerita, entah di mana saya pernah …

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Death Penalty and ASEAN Sovereignty

Following execution of eight drugs dealers in Indonesia (29/04/15), the world again put their attention on South East Asia, and how death penalty still prevail in this region. Among ten ASEAN members, only two countries have officially removed capital punishment from their law. Cambodia and Philippines abolished death penalty for all crimes in 1989 and …

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