cin(T)a dan Sunny Soon

Masih terngiang-ngiang di kepala rasanya senyum manis Sunny Soon. He is undeniably charming. I was falling in love with him along the movie. If I were Annisa, it will need a very hard struggle for me to reject his strong aura =P

After about 10 months waiting, finally I can watch “cin(T)a the Movie”. For some reasons I’m a bit surprised. Because it isn’t about God, religion, race, or any interfaith matters that remains deeply in my mind. It’s about LOVE. This is absolutely the MOST ROMANTIC movie I’ve ever watched.

I am very touched by the way they love each other. Smart dialogues. Simple but touching. Their characteristics completed each other. The tough man and the tender woman. I love the way of Cina staring at Annisa when she was taking the wudhu’. I love the way they are debating without embittering. I love the sense caught of how Cina is strongly trying to erase his feeling to Annisa, but still it’s very difficult for him ‘till he almost sacrifice his faith.

I really love the way Sunny Soon act as Cina.

*I think I’m fallin’ love again* =P